Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Super Yummy Invention Fries

These french fries are super scrumptious and incredibly easy, and you don't even need this recipe after you make them once. That's why they're one of my new favorite side dishes! All you need is:

-An oven. Preferably turned on to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.
-Enough cut potatoes to fill a cookie sheet
(you can slice your own from real potatoes (as thin as you can) or just use frozen french fries)
-Italian dressing
-Parmesan Cheese (the shredded kind and if you want the normal dusty kind too- I don't know what you call that kind...)
-Whatever seasonings you want (the Italian dressing has a lot already, so you don't need more, but sometimes i sprinkle some garlic salt on top)

After you cut the potatoes (or open the bag of frozen french fries), put them all in a big ziploc baggie. Pour in enough Italian dressing to coat the potatoes well, and shake in some of the crumbly parmesan cheese. Shake it all around then lay them in a single layer on the cookie sheet. Sprinkle the shredded parmesan cheese on top (I like a lot), then put it in the oven! It usually takes about half an hour to cook, but just check on them every once in a while- once the cheese is browning and the fries are soft/crispy, it's done!

I would like to apologize for the unprofessional tone of this recipe, but as the title states, this is an invention. I hope you like it!

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