Thursday, August 21, 2008

Pumpkin Chip Muffins

Makes @ 30 muffins
These pumpkin chip muffins are the best!!! everyone who tries these muffins fall in love with them. These muffins are from the kitchen of Joan Little. When ever these are served the plate empties fast.


4 eggs
2 c. sugar
1 can (16 oz.) pumpkin (no spices)
1 1/4 c. vegetable oil
3 c. flour
2 tsp. baking soda
2 tsp. baking powder
1 tsp. cinnamon
1 tsp. salt
12 oz semi or milk chocolate chips

Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Beat eggs, sugar, pumpkin, and oil until smooth.
Combine dry ingredients in a medium size bowl. Add the dry ingredients to the pumpkin
mixture. Mix well. Fold in chocolate chips. Pour the mixture into greased (or paper lined)
muffin tins until each muffin is 3/4 full.

Bake for 16-20 minutes or until inserted toothpick comes out clean. Cool in pan for 10 minutes before removing to a wire rack. Enjoy!

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